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Referred to as "Nain City" due to its growth in size, population, and traffic - this is the largest community on the North coast (1200 people).

Many artists here work in different mediums - stone carving, wood carving, jewelry making, beading, clothing making, painting, singing, dancing, acting, kajak and tool making, etc.

Some ponds in the hills are suitable for swimming on hot days, and many hiking trails allow you to go in all directions!

The most common wild foods are char, seal, goose, seabirds, partridges, and berries

Some popular slang words and expressions are:
Best Kind - cool - approval

Hooleh - wow
Eeeee - in shock
Issaa? - really? - Is it true?

More common before the pandemic, several community feasts were held where the everyone gathers for a traditional meal, some songs, and some games.

Many crows, seagulls, robins, buntings, and jays fly around town and sing.

Nain is surrounded by hills to the West. This protects it from extreme weather and winds at times, creating a more mild climate all together.

Many people identify with the Moravian Church and keep practices that celebrate the different people in life (Children’s Day, Young Women’s Day, Young Men's Day, Married Couple’s Day, Widows Day)

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