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Reef Life Survey Canada

Photo: Valesca de Groot

Building Canada's capacity to quantify and track rocky reef biodiversity trends into the future

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This project seeks to build the capacity of the diving community at the University of Victoria and Memorial University to undertake detailed and rigorous monitoring of our coastal marine resources using standardized quantitative surveys consistent with Reef Life Survey. 


Click on either pin above to read about previous expeditions on both our coasts

RLS relies on highly skilled divers trained in underwater visual census to survey transects (50 m lines) in duplicate 5-m strips on either side (total area surveyed = 500 m2).  Mobile macrofauna (fish and invertebrates) are counted and sized, sessile invertebrate and macroalgal cover are estimated as percent cover, and images are captured for verification of habitat type and complexity. 



RLS is unique globally in the quality of the data it collects, includes data from over 50 countries


RLS has won the prestigious Eureka Science prize in Australia (among many awards)


Several high impact papers have been produced from RLS data  

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