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Meet the Team

Our researchers are based at the University of Victoria, the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, and Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada.


The team has a diverse range of expertise, allowing us to approach complex questions in a multidisciplinary way.

Photo: Tom Bird

Principal investigator

Dr. Amanda Bates

Impact Chair in
Ocean Ecosystem Change and Conservation

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Research Interests:

Environmental variability, physiological tolerance, and biodiversity in an era of global change


The global redistribution of species is leading to large-scale community change. Gaining a process-based understanding for what factors create species and community resilience under environmental variability is an important research objective for our time.


My research aims to address this theme by linking physiological thresholds of organisms to the environment they experience to quantify changes in species distributions, the outcome of species interactions, and community patterns. My approach is to link spatial and temporal trends in abiotic variables at biologically relevant scales using standardized experimental protocols, complementary laboratory and field approaches, meta-analytic approaches, and modern statistical tools.

Research coordinator

Current students & Postdocs

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